Who we are?

was incorporated in June 2015 at Bangalore India, as a Technology developer known as Tring Travel IT SOLUTIONS later in 2017 Tring Travel entered travel industry signing an agreement with IBIBO Group and started serving its agents, now in 2019 Tring Travel has developed its own technology and serving its B2B agents as Tring Travel TRAVEL SOLUIONS.

The Company is one of the fast growing & profitable travel company in Karnataka and expanding its services across PAN India online space driven by technology, better buying due to demand aggregation & forward cash flows. The Company is one of the leading technology service provider for transportation ticketing, accommodation reservation, corporate travel management, travel ancillaries, retail and financial services.

Tring Travel offers a comprehensive suite of travel & retail products and growing set of financial services products, provided by 10,000+ suppliers on the platform. The company offers its services through a robust, highly scalable cloud based technology platform consisting of mobile apps, websites, B2B platform, and a centralized, toll-free, 24/7 customer support.

Who we are?

Tring Travel Agent Management unit helps travel agents to effectively manage their travel needs and significantly gain more profits. Tring Travel expanded its footprints from Bangalore to other parts of Karnataka. Today, Tring Travel network includes over 1000+ active travel partners across 26 towns and cities across Karnataka and drastically spreading across PAN India.

Our Philosophy

We work to facilitate your requirements because we feel your growth is our Future.

We make selling very easy.

We started with the premise of selling travel, not necessarily under our brand, but to everyone through our partners, world class travel products and services in every neighborhood and deliver great customer service. We serve over 1000+ agents who have joined their hands with us. Unbelievable customer service.

Unbelievable customer service.

NO customer calls when all is well. We believe customer service starts with listening to the customer, owning what is wrong and then going out of your way to fix it. That's it, it does not mean, large call centres flooded with hundreds of souls or jazzy 1-800 numbers. Just a simple email or call will do. We will call you back. We fundamentally believe most problems can be eliminated by design and the rest by listening.

We hate to be a "me too":

We have always prided ourselves in attempting and solving problems which makes the life of consumers and partners simple, and when we say simple means, in a few minutes, you can get the best price and quality in your neighborhood. What we have achieved today is that we have made upcoming generation Travel technology accessible to a common man. You can book flight tickets and hotel rooms at the price you want. We are giving the power to our customers to tell the price and we will find the best deal suited for your budget. Our vision and dream of creating simplicity has led to many successful incubations, new ideas puts us in a league far ahead from our competitors. We are disruptive in our approach to destroy the existing practices or create efficiency in them, and come up with new ones which gives our customers great quality and savings in a few seconds always.